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The main activity of the company “Clean technologies of Azerbaijan” is aimed at developing projects to protect the ecological balance in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Caspian sea, to prevent the release of waste into the sea during oil production.
Reception of solid liquids and other waste in fuel tanks, garbage cans of ships
Transportation of all collected waste by the contractor to processing plants and landfills approved by the Ministry of ecology and natural resources of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
Transportation and disposal of waste and fat water;
Transportation and disposal of drilling waste;
Transportation and disposal of household waste;
Transportation and disposal of fat waste and such waste;
Setting an empty garbage containers on ships;
Washing tanks that store waste and floor water;
Flushing of reservoirs where drilling products are stored;
Flushing the fuel tanks;
Transportation of cement residues;
Flushing of cement storage tanks;
Cleaning of engine and generator rooms;
Cleaning empty tanks from steam.
Cleaning of land contaminated with greasy waste
Treatment of water waste contaminated with fatty waste on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan. During the future activities of ATT on the Absheron Peninsula,it is also planned to carry out such works as the capture of petroleum products from groundwater, ponds and the Caspian sea basin, and the cleaning of oil-contaminated land.
The special unit “ pilot processing of liquid-oil – containing waste” with a capacity of 60 tons per day, which is in operation, belongs to the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan. Designed by the Institute of petrochemical processes. Mammadaliyev and was 14.02.2000 informed the Committee, “Gosgortechnadzor”. The state Department of operational activity expertise of this device issued an expert opinion no. DEI no. 97 dated 11.03.2003.
The company’s fleet was equipped with vehicles and vans that perform various technical works and services. The company’s service staff consists of highly qualified environmentalists, security engineers, lawyers, operators, freight forwarders, drivers, and technical engineers.
At the same time, laboratory tests are carried out to ensure the control of technological installations and cleaning operations, as well as to check the compliance of products after the processing process with standards. The presence of the company’s auxiliary base located in the coastal village of Primorye increases the intensity of transportation and efficiency of work. The technological processes performed meet the high requirements of labor protection and safety regulations.

The main partner of ATT LLC is Bue Caspian LTD.Among the cooperating companies are the state oil company of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Swire Pacific Offshore(Caspian) LLC, Caspian Marine Services LTD, Transmarine Shipping Entrprise LTD, Azerbaijan Caspian shipping company, Ministry of emergency situations, rescue services of the Caspian basin and others.
The state of implementation of the sign in the service sector of Clean technologies of Azerbaijan LLC and waste management were checked by the relevant state structures, including BP, and positive feedback was given. All certificates and permits provided for by the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan have been issued to carry out work at the enterprise at a high level. The technological processes carried out are regularly monitored by the Ministry of ecology and natural resources of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the recommendations are strictly followed.