Policies of "Azerbaijan Clean Technologies" LLC

Quality policy

A special place is occupied by the quality of the policy of Azerbaijan Clean Technologies LLC. The goal of the company is to dynamically improve quality. In today’s challenging business environment, improving the Company’s competitiveness and competitiveness depends on the quality of the services provided. The concept of quality should cover all areas of the company. High-quality service, high-quality equipment and technology, highly professional staff. Improving the quality of these issues will directly affect the quality of work performed and services provided to clients. Equipment and machinery should be periodically checked in accordance with current standards. It is necessary to conduct trainings to improve the level of knowledge and professionalism of employees. The theoretical knowledge gained during training should be applied in a single workflow. Quality is the priority of ATT LLC

Environmental policy

Azerbaijan Clean Technologies LLC declares the following in the field of ecology: Since our company is an ecological company, the protection of the environment and ecological balance is a key issue in its activities. Protecting all natural components – air, water, soil biodiversity – is a priority. In order to protect the environment, individually and in general, the company must comply with the waste management procedure. All environmental standards of the company are prepared in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan and international standards in this area. The aim was to minimize the contact of all types of waste received, transported and disposed of with the environment. The company is constantly taking innovative steps to achieve this goal.

Health policy

Azerbaijan Clean Technologies LLC declares that health is the main driving force of the company. Newly hired employees must provide a health certificate. In the case of infectious diseases, employees must undergo periodic medical examinations at the facility. Service rooms and vehicles should be periodically disinfected with disinfectants. Workers must wear special protective masks and gloves. Each employee is provided with special disinfectants. State decisions and recommendations must be strictly followed. Two more checks are carried out by the sanitary-epidemiological station. Each employee has a responsibility to protect the health of himself and others.

Safety and health policy

Safety is always a top priority in the company’s activities. The company bases its activities on the requirements and recommendations of the International Labor Organization and the State Labor Inspection of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Therefore, the human sector is very important to us. Company personnel and every guest entering the production area must wear special clothing and footwear. In this case, employees must use personal protective equipment. FMV should be selected according to the nature of the job. FMV – must comply with modern safety and hygiene requirements. The use of expired, damaged, defective, old, decommissioned FMVs is not allowed. Each employee is personally responsible for the content of his FMV. The goal of ensuring safety with employees all the time As many years of experience have shown, the main cause of accidents is human activity, so it is very important to instruct employees.

Anti-corruption and anti-bribery policy

The company’s management declares that ATT LLC categorically does not accept corruption and bribery. In a complex business environment, anti-bribery is a key factor in regulating the future development and sustainability of each company in its relationship with the company and with other companies. We understand and declare to everyone that economic Good guidelines are fully transparent in all areas of activity. LLC “ATT” always says “no” to corruption and bribery.